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From Lost Blankey to Lifelong Bonds: The Lapadat Family Story

From Lost Blankey to Lifelong Bonds: The Lapadat Family Story

Allow me to share a delightful story that has unfolded over the years, highlighting the incredible connections we make in the world of island adventures. My journey with the Lapadat family began over two decades ago when they embarked on a vacation to North Captiva. At the time, their daughter, Rhia Lapadat, was just around 5 years old.

On the day of their departure, as they were leaving the island via a water taxi, a moment of childhood distress occurred. Young Rhia realized she had inadvertently left behind her beloved blankey, her cherished comfort item. And, having left my own beloved blankey behind during my travels in New York City as a child, I could relate all too well to her predicament.

With a deep understanding of Rhia’s distress, I made a heartfelt decision to turn the boat around and retrieve her precious blankey. Little did I know that this simple act of kindness would become the foundation of a beautiful and lasting friendship with the Lapadat Family.

Over the years, their visits to North Captiva continued, and I had the honor of being their captain. It was a privilege to witness the Lapadat kids growing up and to share in the joy of their family’s island adventures.

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A couple of years ago, while they were staying on North Captiva, an exciting chapter unfolded in Rhia’s life. She got engaged to Nate, and to my surprise, they insisted that I attend their wedding. A year later, I received a “save the date” notice, and I was deeply touched to discover they were indeed serious about having me at their wedding.

This past September, I temporarily traded in my flip-flops for a different kind of adventure. I attended Nate and Rhia’s wedding in Saint Paul, Minnesota, a beautiful celebration of love. It was a poignant reminder of one of the most remarkable aspects of what I do – the opportunity to meet extraordinary people and to forge enduring friendships that go beyond the boundaries of island life.

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Captain Emily LoCicero

Captain Emily LoCicero

Master Captain Emily LoCicero specializes in sightseeing, nature, wildlife tours and private water taxi in Southwest Florida.

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