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Flamingo Frenzy

Flamingo Frenzy

When Hurricane Idalia blew by Southwest Florida at the end of August 2023, luckily we were spared and we got a pleasant surprise. For the first time in over 100 years, we are having Flamingos in the wild sightings.

Tracking devices on some of the flamingos have discovered that these unique avión wonders have come here from Mexico and Cuba. Right after Hurricane Idalia blew by we saw some appear on the Sanibel causeway and they soon disappeared.

Shortly after that, they started appearing south of Tampa in the Fort DeSoto Park area. With the El Niño winter we were having the flamingos decided to travel south probably hoping to find warmer temperatures. I started seeing other captains posting pics of juvenile flamingos. Beginning of February I took Emmy Girl and my camera and headed south to the base of the Caloosahatchee River and saw a little over a dozen flamingos hanging out with my favorite snowbird the white pelicans at a bird rookery.

I was in bird nerd heaven, geeking out taking over 200 pictures of the flamingos and white pelicans. It was an unforgettable day!

The big question is whether or not the Flamingos will stay in our area or migrate back to Mexico and Cuba. Hopefully, they will fall in love with their new South West Florida habitat and call this home.

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Captain Emily LoCicero

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